There Goes The Sun

July 22, 2015
Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

So the Government is going to reduce funding for renewable energy without even giving MP’s a say – see HERE.

They say they are doing taxpayers a favour and saving us money but I don’t remember anything about that in the election manifesto.

But the subsidies were in place to help us reach our CO2 emmission promises so how are we going to be able to keep them?

Shell, the oil and gas producing polluters have an idea. We simply trap all the CO2 as it comes out of our factories, convert it to liquid, pump it back up their existing pipelines to the platforms in the North Sea and feed it back down into the bowels of the earth that they extracted from in the first place.

Sounds logical so far but they need investment from the Government to do it.

If they get that investment it will mean that rather than move away from producing CO2, we solve the problem by masking it … temporarily! And us taxpayers pay for it.

There is no sensible reason for not using the sun, wind and waves that we are surrounded by (well, maybe not so much the sun in Britain) and instead spend huge amounts on existing, polluting methods.

Sensible doesn’t come into it where corporates, the Government and money are concerned though. A bit of lobbying here, a chat with some buddies, friends in the right places, dodgy handshakes and promises of directorships and all of a sudden, problem solved … only it isn’t!

It won’t matter how much money you have when the earth eventually dies.


Who Lets the Dogs Die?

July 18, 2015
B & K Universal

Stop B & K

It doesn’t seem to have made the national news but a company called B & K Universal has just received planning permission to open a facility that breeds beagles for experimentation in Grimston, East Riding of Yorkshire

Yes, you read that right – in the 21st Century a company will be breeding dogs for experimentation…

There was a programme on BBC2 this week called Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners which revealed terrible details of Britain’s part in the worldwide slave trade and how, when slavery was abolished, there were massive compensation payouts … for the slave owners, not the slaves.

The connection between these two stories? I would hope that in the not too distant future, people will look back on our treatment of animals with the same disgust and disbelief as we feel looking back on slavery.

B & K have been saying about the medical benefits of animal experimentation despite all the scientific evidence against them – beagles are in no way similar to humans and in fact human reaction to medicines ‘tested’ on animals is the 4th largest cause of death in humans. Computer models are much more reliable.

But what about testing on animals for cosmetics and cleaning products? Isn’t it about time we said we have enough cosmetics and cleaning products are good enough that we no longer need new ones. Just how much make-up can people wear? How many hair colours do we need? Isn’t killing 99% of all known germs dead good enough?

And B & K’s record in the treatment of animals isn’t good with a number of prosecutions for cruelty in the past.

B & K aren’t helping anyone but themselves in this disgusting profit-making venture and it should embarrass us as a nation if it actually goes ahead.

I’ll be joining any demonstrations and protests and will do anything I can to stop this going ahead – if that means civil disobedience then so be it.

Fox On The Run

July 1, 2015
Team Fox

Support Team Fox

Ever thought what a good idea it would be if Animal Rights groups got together to make sure the Hunting Ban stays in place?

Well, they have, they are called Team Fox and they have a new site (and an amazing logo) HERE.

Seems to me, this is another issue that shows how little humans respect animals – using them for sport, research, gambling, fashion, food.

Often they try to justify their actions with lies – greyhounds and racehorses are well looked after, experimentation is necessary to cure human illness etc.

Sometimes though, it’s just a case of money talking – murdering crocodiles for designer handbags, PETA Investigation HERE, cruelly producing up-market food, VIVA campaign HERE, cruelly producing cheap food that’s not really nutritious or good for you – the list goes on.

Governments seem reluctant to stop any of this so we really need to get behind Team Fox to keep in place the one thing they have acted on – a long awaited Hunting Ban.

Return To Father

June 13, 2015
Ethan Minnock back with Dad

Ethan Minnock is back with his Dad

Really pleased to see Ethan Minnock is back with his Dad.

Really annoyed with the police not taking any action against his mother.

Really disappointed with the media coverage.

Really pissed off, as ever, with the Family Court system.

We don’t know all the details of the case because the Family Courts are held in secret but I think we can safely guess that for a court to make an order in favour of the father, there must have been issues with the mother.

I went through the Family Court process for around 7 years and experienced numerous broken orders with no sanction against the mother who broke them. In fact it was me who was threatened with Contempt Of Court charges for daring to name my children on a website. (It’s actually Contempt of Court to make it possible for anyone to identify a child involved in a Family Court case, or for the media to publish those details, unless of course it’s a child of a celebrity in which case different rules seem to apply.)

I’m proud to say I joined Fathers 4 Justice where I met numerous dads in a similar situation to me, a father who was imprisoned for waving at his kids in the street and one who, when he stayed slightly too long on holiday with his kids, was arrested by armed police on a Portuguese beach.

The media coverage in this case has been extremely sympathetic towards the mother but just imagine how a father who did the same would be represented…. and now, the icing on the cake is that she is speaking exclusively to a national newspaper – do we really believe that offer had nothing to do with her giving herself up?

If in her exclusive she reveals any detail about what was said in the Family Court, I would expect that she is immediately arrested and the paper prosecuted.

A couple of good things have come out of this though. The first is that Ethan is back with his Dad, the second is that the double standards of the Family Court system have been highlighted – or at least they will have if the media has the balls to report it truthfully.

Money’s Too Tight To Cure You

June 1, 2015
Cancer cure

Cancer conundrum

We’re seeing reports of another possible cure for cancer which is great.

But as usual, we’re already being told it might be too expensive for the NHS.

Seems to me there’s a simple answer to this. We just say that if a drug won’t be available to NHS patients, it won’t be made available privately.

I’m pretty sure the cost would fall then because the drug companies obviously want to be able to sell their product.

There was a young girl on our local news tonight who has to be on a dialysis machine for 10 hours a day. There is a drug which seems it would help, from results abroad, but again she has been told it’s too expensive. Of course if she came from a rich family that wouldn’t be an issue.

That’s not fair, it’s #FinancialDiscrimination.

We All Rely On A Dodgy Submarine

May 19, 2015
Trident Whistleblower

Trident Whistleblower

Submariner William McNeilly, hero or villain?

We spend billions on Trident which the Government say is critical to our security but if what he says is true, we skimp on day to day elements.

Could this be because the big contracts that line the pockets of the Governments pals are only to be had on the major projects and once the paperwork is signed, no one cares?

It also seems the security onboard isn’t what you would expect and it’s possible for a terrorist to get on board – on the plus side though, the equipment isn’t maintained correctly so they won’t be able to turn the weapons on us.

We probably wouldn’t believe this if it wasn’t for the fact that we’ve seen it all before – remember the lack of equipment in Afghanistan?

Whatever your views on Trident, it doesn’t make sense to spend billions on something that, potentially, won’t work when you most need it.

So the Government should address these claims publicly, although we know that ‘National Security’ will take precedence and it will be done in secret.

That, to me, will prove William McNeilly is telling the truth ….. and that means he is standing up for us and for what he believes in – which makes him a hero in my blog.

Fight For the Right, or Left, or Centre ……

May 10, 2015
Old Labour/New Labour

Left, Right, Centre

Talk about missing the bleeding obvious!

After their terrible performance in the election we’re now seeing the Labour Party trying to decide where they went wrong.

The fact they are already arguing about whether they should be targetting their traditional working class audience or aiming for the aspirational vote just highlights the real problem – no one knows what they stand for.

They seem more interested in power for power’s sake than standing for a set of principles. Hate Love or hate the conservatives, they stand for what they stand for with no apologies, as do the The Green Party.

Which brings us to another point – the Labour Party say they are the party of fairness and equality but we haven’t heard them mentioning a change to the voting system which we so obviously need because that might affect their chances of getting into power – that thing they want at any cost.

So when the candidates finally stand for the leadership election, how about we hear what they are actually standing for – maybe then people would know who and what they are voting for.

What’s the Story This Morning – Tory!

May 8, 2015
Post Election

No Comment

Waking up to this awful news.

Might be great for the economy but terrible for ordinary people, the environment and fairness.

Lags and Thugs and Helping Souls

May 4, 2015
Nepal Earthquake

It Takes a Criminal

The earthquake in Nepal is a truly horrific natural disaster. One of many we have seen around the world and with climate change taking hold, we can only expect more extreme events to come.

As a country we’ve already pledged something like 5 million pounds in aid which is a help but there is a way we could do more and at the same time benefit ourselves – the two things don’t have to be mutually exclusive and there’s nothing wrong with doing it.

All it needs is a bit of joined up thinking and some backbone from politicians.

Pledging money is fine although I don’t know or trust how much will be delivered and in the case of some countries, how much will reach it’s intended recipients. What they need is help on the ground, people who can move rubble, tend the sick and injured, even help to rebuild.

What if we could have teams on standby who could be flown out to disaster zones at short notice, not just leaving it to charities and NGO’s.

The UK prison population is a bit shy of 90,000 people at the moment and among them will be people with the skills needed, people who, let’s face it, have time on their hands. How about we offer them the chance to be on standby so when one of these disasters occurs, they can be pretty quickly organised and on planes, taking the aid on the same flights.

The benefit for the country receiving help is obvious but at the same time we’d be saving money in the prison service. We tend to think all prisoners are simply bad people but this isn’t the case. There will be a large percentage who have just made mistakes they regret or been in situations they didn’t want to be in and don’t want to be in again and could see this as a way to make amends.

For those who might be career criminals, this is an opportunity to get away from prison life which could have unexpected results. I’ve been to what we would class as third world countries, not to disaster zones and not in the poorest areas admittedly but I’ve seen enough to totally change my outlook and I’m pretty sure this would be the case for a lot of people – if it’s not then they are probably beyond help but those who are open to it could learn skills that would be useful in the outside world and have something different to put on their CV’s. So another benefit for us would be less re-offending.

It would have to be totally voluntary and they would have to agree to sign off from being able to claim for injurys, disease and accidents but I’d imagine that is the case for aid workers anyway. There will be details that need working on ie how many times can a prisoner volunteer, logistics, who is excluded etc but at least it’s a starting point.

This might sound radical but then many things we take for granted today probably seemed radical in their time … the NHS, the benefits system, votes for women etc.

This can’t be a replacement for overseas aid, it’s just a way to help with unforseen disasters which I would hope would be copied by other countries …. and there’s another benefit for us, we’re seen as a force for good for once.

#RoyalBaby Love

May 2, 2015
Royal Baby

It’s a Girl

Congratulations to William and Kate on the birth of their new baby girl …. no, I mean it. I’m as happy for them as I am for any couple.

The difference is, of course, they aren’t just any couple and this little girl, less than a day old, is already wealthier than most people could ever dream of due to an accident of birth.

Watching the sycophantic coverage on TV you have to wonder if these people really mean what they say, are being told to say it, or are vying for a gong some time in the future.

Two comments stood out for me. “It’s interesting Kate is wearing yellow” was one. No it’s not. It could be that she didn’t know what sex the baby would be or it could just be that a yellow outfit came to hand as she left. Interesting would have been if she’d worn a Green Party tee shirt or a Sex Pistols ‘God Save The Queen’ one.

Another comment, when they left was “It’s interesting that Kate is holding the baby, last time it was William”. Again, that’s not interesting. One of them has to hold it (and it really isn’t that much of a big deal to see a Dad putting a car seat in).

One thing they said that was interesting was when they mentioned that not everyone is interested in this event. The fact that was even acknowledged seems like step forward to me, although I’m sure it won’t stop the wall to wall coverage we’ll be getting. At least it will only last a few days though because soon the election will take over again. Call me cynical but you have to wonder if the baby ‘had’ to be born before the election because that really would have detracted from it.

Then they went on to talk about succession to the throne. Apparently this princess is now 4th in line which, considering how long Prince Charles has been 1st in line is pretty irrelevant barring an outbreak of terminal royal lurgey.

Now of course, we’ll have all the fuss over the name although the favourite on Twitter seems to be #RoyalBaby – now that really would bring the monarchy into the 21st century. That or Kylie Sprinkledust …

And you can understand the comments about dysfunctional families living off the state producing another child we must support because, well, they are a dysfunctional family living off the state producing another child we must support! I’m often told this doesn’t matter because the royals bring so much income into the country (aren’t I mum?) but let’s say a benefits family graffiti up their local area and the graffiti becomes popular and sought after, like Banksy. If this brought fans in to see the graffiti and generated a local tourist industry, by extension we’d be happy to continue supporting them – no?

So to sum up, on a personal level a great thing for a happy couple but should that happiness be at the expense of the rest of us?