g20 Irony

How ironic is this?

I set up this blog yesterday to say that I would be going to the G20 Meltdown event  www.g-20meltdown.org – nothing too strange there but my point was going to be that I have a reasonable job in IT with pretty good prospects and that critics of the event were already blaming ‘unemployed, unwashed, layabouts’ etc etc.

My point was going to be that whatever your situation you should join the protest – ignore the official warnings about violence because that is just to put you off – because one day it could be you.

Well bugger me, I get into work today to be told I’ll probably be made redundant at the start of June.

That’s irony for you, but so is this – I was going for a peaceful protest to make myself heard… now though, I have a vested interest, so if someone hands me a brick to throw at the institutions that got us here will I use it…. you betcha!


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