Financial Fools Day.

Police Line Up

The day started well with a peaceful march from Liverpool Street to the Bank of England.

When we stopped there was a good atmosphere with footballs being pushed around the crowd and music.

Then we looked behind us. The police line pictured was soon joined by riot vans.

In front of Bank of England

This was the scene outside the Bank of England. There was a large police presence but the crowd was friendly with many groups represented as well as individuals.

Loads of media present, one of whom nicked the banner I had been handed.

Bank of England steps

This was the scene on the steps of the Bank of England.

Speeches were made, then the call to move off to the G20 summit – this took us towards the RBS building.

Outside RBS

It now became apparent that the police weren’t going to let us get any further and the obvious place to halt a protest against the banks was outside the RBS building.

The ‘missiles’ the media insist were thrown consisted mainly of plastic bottles and shoes – hardly life threatening for police in full riot gear and mostly aimed at the building itself.

RBS Side Street

I managed to push forward and get a view of the side street next to the RBS building.

What I saw was another line of riot police. OK there was a broken window or two but given the level of anger over RBS and Fred Goodwin that wasn’t much.

RBS Front Door

This is a closer view of the doors to RBS.

It seems a bit much when all these resources are brought to bear to protect the very organisations that have created the problem we’re in and indirectly brought the protestors onto the streets.

Outside RBS

Now it started to get interesting.

The riot police line formed up and started to push. The protestors stood their ground and some pushing and shoving ensued.

I did see the police push into the crowd and try to grab some protestors but I’m not sure if they did.

Bank of England

Eventually, after gaining a bit of ground the protestors moved back to the Bank of England.

This was the scene outide after a short interval, as protestors moved off in the other direction.

Climate Camp

There was a bit more activity afterwards but it came time for me to leave.

Unfortunately the police were preventing people from leaving the area – which seems close to false arrest without trial to me – so my journey to Liverpool Street took about a 20 minute walk.

I did get to see the Climate Camp though.


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4 Responses to “Financial Fools Day.”

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    […] been almost 2 and a half years since I went to the G20 protests in London, April 2009 in fact. That was when the economic downturn was just starting to have an […]

  2. The ‘Them vs Us’ Divide Gets Wider « Says:

    […] I went to the G20 protest last year  HERE I saw just how much of a ‘Them vs Us’ situation we have in this […]

  3. aaaaargh Says:

    Not suspicious at all, I’d say it was a deliberate tactic to provoke a reaction. It guarantees media coverage of a “violent protest” and gives an excuse for an overreaction from the police.

  4. richwill Says:

    Don’t you find it a little suspicious that the police let you stop right outside RBS, which was unprotected?

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