G-20 a success…for some.

So the G20 summit was a success.

Will it make any difference to the real world we live in and get my and millions of others their jobs back? Of course not, because that was never the point.

The point was always to return to a system where the world is controlled by a small elite, where bankers and politicians can continue to rule for their own benefit and at the expense of the less well off.

For a short while this week the real people spoke in the City of London. I wish there had been more of us – imagine 2 million people on the streets demanding change. In fact one of the major criticisms of the protests was that there was no single focus – maybe this is because ‘they’ have  created so many problems – climate, war, poverty, unemployment, the list goes on.

And the list will continue to grow, and people will get angrier – and those in charge will use more draconian powers and more force to keep the people quiet.

So was the G-20 a success? It remains to be seen but I’d say there’s much worse to come.



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