Lorraine Kelly in The Sun

Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine Kelly

This is what Lorraine Kelly said in her column in The Sun on Saturday 5 April:

Our police showed remarkable restraint dealing with the G20 yobs.

There was always going to be a bunch of these unwashed attention-seekers out to cause aggro. But the cops refused to rise to the name-calling, spitting and acts of premeditated violence.

Thank you, boys and girls in blue. You earned every bloody penny.”

I’ve emailed the following and I’ll post the reply if I get one:

Hi Lorraine

Just read your column in The Sun and disagree strongly with what you said.

..bunch of unwashed attention seekers” – I, along with thousands of others who were there I’m sure, wash regularly and only wanted attention drawn to the mismanagement of our economy and the guilt of the banking system and the Government in bringing it to it’s knees.

Were you actually at the demo or are you basing your opinion on the media reports – if you are, I can assure you they were far from the truth.

I was in the crowd outside the RBS building which was reported on Radio 4 as ‘hurling missiles’ and ‘storming the RBS building’. In fact we were kept waiting for around 45 minutes until the police formed up in sufficient numbers (and sufficiently armoured) and the only missiles were some shoes, plastic bottles and tin cans. These were generally aimed at the bank itself, not the police.

Staff in the building upstairs, goading demonstrators by waving money at them, didn’t help either.

You are in a very privileged position – even if you lose your main (well paid) job you can write a book/magazine article/newspaper column. Try putting yourself in the position of those of us who have worked all our lives for average, or below average, wages only to find ourselves dropped in the proverbial by the actions of bankers and politicians.

I want to rail at these people non-violently but I have no voice. I would love to have a seat on Question Time or write a weekly column in a national newspaper. Maybe you could speak to the editor of The Sun for me. Just imagine, an ordinary person having a voice – what a radical thought.


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2 Responses to “Lorraine Kelly in The Sun”

  1. aaaaargh Says:

    Spot on, didn’t hear anything back.

  2. outsidethatbox Says:

    Brilliant post. I bet you didn’t here back from Kelly? I can’t stand the woman, she is a terrible journalist and constantly presents her biased and ignorant opinions as ‘fact’.

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