The Beast Must Die



This picture is about as close as we will get to seeing the abuser of Baby Peter and rapist of a 2 year old girl.

Which raises the issue of what to do with him.

I don’t support the death penalty, not because I don’t agree with it but because as has been proved again and again, you can’t trust the police to get the right person.

In this case though, we do have the right person – so, what to do.


The Death Penalty, without a doubt. Without the Death Sentence option, it has to be life imprisonment. But this can’t be the prison we hear so much about, with TV’s , Playstations, special meals at Christmas etc. He will be put in isolation for his own protection of course (why) but that needs to be in solitary confinement with no privileges at all and bare survival meals.


I really don’t want my taxes spent on teams of shrinks and ‘experts’ who will no doubt say he is a changed person and can be released after 10 years. If these people can find out why he did what he did and maybe prevent it from happening to other kids, all well and good. But it should be accepted that he is inside for life and therefore why waste resources trying to rehabilitate him.


Why can’t we be told who this man and Baby Peter’s mother are?

Presumably (hopefully) they will never have contact with their children (or any other children) again so identifying them won’t hurt the children. We have to assume therefore that it is to protect this evil couple.

They should be identified and suffer any consequences of their actions. If I had the money I would offer a reward myself for anyone who carried out the death penalty should either of them ever be released (lifetime supply of fags if a lag does it in prison).

And don’t mention their civil liberties, they lost all rights to them when they committed these crimes.



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