Nobody’s Innocent

A Picture of Innocence

A Picture of Innocence

I’m just trying to get my head around the Government’s announcement that your DNA can be kept for up to 12 years even if you haven’t committed a crime.

‘Innocent until proven guilty’ seems to have been replaced with a new NuLabour 3 tier system:

1 – We assume you’re guilty so we’ll be tracking your every move, listening to all your conversations and watching everything you do.

2 – We think you have or are about to commit a crime so we will arrest you and take your DNA and fingerprints. Obviously the fact that we did this means you are sure to commit a crime sometime soon so we will keep that information and use it when you do.

3 – You really have committed a crime and will be punished accordingly – the higher the profile the victim or the higher the financial sums involved, the greater the penalty.

Aside from the obvious issues here, what about crimes that don’t involve DNA such as financial crimes, fraud, even whistleblowing (which is obviously criminal). Will these criminals also have their DNA taken in case they progress to more violent crimes?

Of course there would be one good thing to come out of this – more people will be found to have been wrongly imprisoned for a crime they didn’t commit. When this happens we can surely trust that the state will prosecute those involved ie the police who faked evidence and they will be charged…and presumably have their DNA taken for when they offend next time.


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One Response to “Nobody’s Innocent”

  1. Son of Blagger Says:

    Completely agree but the thing that surprises me most (well it doesn’t) is that the government completely misses the elephant in the room. Society has broken down not because we are not monitored closely enough but because morality in our communities has broken down and the government has put plenty of schemes to disincentivise families or a hard work ethic. The number of divorces are at an all time high, children are growing up not knowing parents and the youth of this country are completely disenfranchised due to being stitched up by the very generation that is supposed to be supporting/teaching them. Not only this but the criminals who the police do catch, after they’ve broken free from their paper shackles, get off with a slap on the wrist and so reoffend and laugh in the face of our justice system. This is not rocket science , crikey, we are the most monitored country in the world and the situation is in terminal decline!

    DNA database don’t make me laugh I’m still waiting for tax credits to get my assessment right and they have had all the details required for two years…

    One for the road…aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!

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