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I really think The Telegraph deserve praise, not only for publishing the details of our self-serving MP’s expenses but for playing such a good tactical game with them.

We know there are details to come out from all the parties and it must have been tempting to use a few examples from each.

But by publishing the details of the senior Government members first, closely followed by their underlings, The Telegraph put the Government and the Opposition in a near impossible position.

No doubt the Government would have liked to stop these revelations as soon as possible but after the first 2 days this would have meant being shamed themselves and letting the other parties off scot-free.

The Tories, Lib-Dems and others can’t comment too harshly on the Government as they know they have similar treatment to come and can’t criticise The Telegraph without risking looking defensive.

I’m sure the source of the leak will be traced and when this happens I think all the newspapers should share the costs of his/her defence and any costs or fines incurred. There should then be a national campaign to have him/her put in charge of the new body to oversee MP’s claims.

What we need now is the MP’s helpline phone number so we can all call it and shout Aaaaargh!


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