Licence to Rip Off the Helpless

Phil Woolas

Phil Woolas

We’ve had a chance to see the first wave of Tory expense blaggers and to be honest if this is the worst they did they aren’t as bad as the Labour ones… not yet at least.

Phil Woolas, the Immigration Minister has gone lower than even most Labour depths though. When confronted with shopping receipts showing personal items being claimed he said it was just a matter of procedure and that not all items on the list had been actually claimed. This was a lie.

He then changed his story to say that had he claimed his full entitlement on a non-receipted basis he could have claimed £400 – more than the shopping list claim. This is a variation of  Labour saying we should be pleased they are not as corrupt as officials in some other countries.

Note to the Labour party: being not as bad as you could be doesn’t make you good.

We are also hearing from all parties the line that they operated within the rules. This is technically true but taking it to it’s logical conclusion, it is now OK for me to:

* Charge pensioners £5,000 for cutting a hedge as long as I’ve quoted properly and stuck to it.
* Help someone with Learning Difficulties to go shopping and charge them £1000 per trip

OK, these are extreme examples but are immoral, not illegal (and no, I wouldn’t do it).

The other get-out being used is that individual MP’s are accountable for their actions. This removes blame from the Political Party concerned and the system they introduced for themselves.

No party will be getting my vote until they apologise for the behaviour of their MP’s, dismiss the worst offenders  and order them to pay back the money they have (immorally) stolen.


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