Another Day, Another Murder!

Craig Wass

Craig Wass

Back in the real world…..

“A TEENAGER has appeared in court accused of killing a father-of-four with a brick during an altercation outside his home in Sheffield”.
[Yorkshire post 13.5.09]

Deja vu eh?

Remember Gary Newlove who was killed outside his home in August 2007.

But the killers of Craig Wass can rest assured that the State won’t hesitate to lavish hundreds of thousands of pounds on them – Gary Newlove’s killers received £500,000 in legal aid.

And when they do get out of prison (if they ever get in there) we will surely be paying for their new identities – as with Jamie Bulger’s killers, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables or Maxine Carr who helped Ian Huntley, the murderer of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.

NuLabour:  Tough Soft on crime , tough on the causes victims of crime


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