They Just Don’t Get It Do They?

2 Faced Politics

2 Faced Politics

When you steal something, you can’t just say sorry and give a bit back!

The debacle over MP’s expenses  isn’t a victimless crime where a few naughty kids have nicked some apples, this is corruption on a massive scale and the victims are each and every one of us. Not only have we been stolen from but we have lost any services that the money could have provided – services for the elderly, the underprivileged, the unemployed, national infrastructure improvements etc.

Now Brown and Cameron have ‘admitted’ these wrondoings under their watch (albeit after a long drawn out battle to stop the information getting out in the first place) they are trying to out-hairshirt each other to score political points.

Carry on guys because this just reinforces everything that is bad about British politics…. had to pause for a second there to try and think of something that is good….

So far you have only admitted there was wrongdoing (within the rules you created of course) but if that is the case we need to see some justice meted out. In any other walk of life this sort of behaviour would result in instant dismissal and/or criminal prosecution and that is what we expect.

No doubt there will be some sacrificial lambs eventually (on the agreement they are given another well paid job when everything blows over) but the outcome will no doubt be that MP’s get a higher basic pay or we won’t be able to attract the right quality of candidates (I actually heard someone say we would lose those with an accountancy or legal background, which given that they are the one’s who got us into this mess would be no bad thing).

We are also hearing that any change would mean a return to the days when only the wealthy could become MP’s. I’ve got news for you…we are still in those days. I would love to get into Parliament to actually do some good but in no way can I afford to without the backing of one of the main parties…

…and therein lies the problem. The people in power have no desire to change a system that not only keeps them in power but allows them to feather their own nests at the expense of the rest of us.

And there’s nothing we can do about it….is there?????


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