Never Mind Margaret

Nevermind Beckett

Nevermind Beckett

Question Time last night really captured the mood of the public.

It wasn’t just the fact that Margaret Beckett has been found out and still refuses to pay anything back, let alone resign, it was her arrogance that got me.

This Photoshop from my mate Leeky pretty much sums her up.

Theresa May managed to follow the cross-party MP line that no rules were broken and  Menzies Campbell seemed like a naughty schoolboy who had only nicked the sweets once but was unlucky enough to get caught, so he paid for them but the big boys got away with it.

Benedict Brogan from the Telegraph was quite right to refuse to identify his source, who in my opinion should be knighted for services to the public but Steve Easterbrook, the CEO of McDonalds, was the one who really shone. He came across as Mr Public and spoke pretty well for all of us.


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One Response to “Never Mind Margaret”

  1. UK Voter Says:

    Margaret Beckett came across as indignant, self-indulgent and completely remote from the public she is supposed to represent. Then again, that pretty much sums up the Labour Party, who have been out of touch for years. MPs that have hand in the cookie jar and failed to follow the spirit of the expense claims should be deselected, that way the public will get the chance to vote for new candidates that have not been soiled by this sorded affair.

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