Who to vote for?

V for Vacuum

V for Vacuum

In my dreams this guy  saves us but the reality is that most people would be doing their hair, watching on TV or just too plain apathetic to turn up.

This means the only way to show the ‘honourable’ ladies and gentleman what we think is to vote for one of the smaller parties.

There has been a lot of scaremongering over the fact the BNP might benefit from a protest vote but a vote for them could actually help labour (Notice they don’t mention a protest vote for UKIP, Libertas, Greens etc).

If the BNP get local seats they will be actively promoting their racist agenda which will give Labour an excellent opportunity to bring in more draconian laws to ‘protect’ us. More restrictions on what you can and can’t say, more cameras to track ‘wrongdoers’, more powers to arrest on suspicion of belonging to undesirable groups.

And it would put the opposition parties in the impossible position of having to go along with these laws or looking like they support the BNP agenda.

Don’t underestimate the Government, they will have seen this expenses debacle coming in some form or another and planning how to use it to their advantage.

Notice that already the response from those named in the Telegraph, whilst sticking to the ‘within the rules’ excuse, is changing from one of contrition to one of  ‘so what’ (Gerald Kauffman and Tam Dalyell yesterday for instance).

And despite all the strong talk from Brown and Cameron not a single MP has resigned their seat.

We do need to use our votes to send a message to our representatives but we need to think about how that vote will affect us long term….. unless of course ‘V‘ really is out there somewhere.


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3 Responses to “Who to vote for?”

  1. Son of Blagger Says:

    I know who I’ll be voting for and it’s not likely to be any of the three mainstream parties unless I’m tactically voting to get Labour out. It’s time for a sea change in British politics and I’d like to see the rise of the independents in a proportional representation system. Unfortunately this will probably never happen as the three mainstream parties and the media will always mould the current system to suit their own needs. If only the British public could see things for what they are but as my dad used to say to me, “Son, common sense is just not common!”.

    Anyway, must go breaking news about Jordan and Peter Andre…

    Check out the party that makes sense to me:

  2. aaaaargh Says:

    Quite agree, no less than resignations (all parties) leading to by-elections or preferably prosecutions will do.

    If I thump someone in the street it’ll be a politician… and I won’t be apologising!

  3. UK Voter Says:

    There has been a stark contract between MP’s from the two main parties. Most Labour MPs’ have been defensive and indignant fom the outset, whist Conservative MPs’ have been a little more contrite. I am sure the expense scandal has been, at least in part, fueled by an utter frustration with the current administration, hence the more negative feeling towards Labour MPs. That said, they (New Labour) only have themselves to blame, they having been running roughshod over the British people for the past 12 years, so they do not have any stmpathy from me.

    I am concerned however, that whilst New Labour are now talking about deselection as a sanction, David Cameron, who is trying to appear tough, is limiting his action. For example, Conservative MPs’ are being asked to apologise, pay be anything considered “excessive” or maybe moved out of the public eye. But they have not suggested removing the ‘whip’ or deselection. That implies that Cameron considers an apology is sufficient, I do not. We have to know that MPs’ and Ministers in a future government are beyond reproach.

    If I thump someone in the street, wait until I get caught, say sorry and pay for his cleaning bill, is that okay? I think not…and I am not in a high public office!

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