Watching Out For You

Big Brother

Big Brother

With all the commotion about MP’s expenses filling newspapers and airtime, the Government have quietly brought in the Children’s Database.

It holds the details of every child under 18 for use at 17 councils.

It has also been reported HERE that councils are employing teams of Citizen Snoopers whose job will be reporting offences such as fly-tipping, noisy neighbours, dog fouling, graffiti etc.

More worrying is the idea of  ‘Junior’ recruits, as young as seven – if you’ve read the book or seen the film 1984 this should touch a nerve. It’ll be interesting to see the first prosecution brought from evidence supplied by someone’s own kids.

If you haven’t read the book you really should.

Mind you, getting back to the expenses for a minute, it does seem strange that the Government so interested in keeping tabs on us seems so reluctant to let us know what they get up to.


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