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ANPR Camera

ANPR Camera

Within months according to the BBC, HERE, the national network of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras will be in place.

The result is that every journey you make will be watched, logged and permanently held on a database.

I don’t like the idea full stop.  I can see the benefit for finding uninsured, untaxed or stolen vehicles but the problem I have is that if my journey is totally legal, why should my data be held on a database. And the BBC article also highlights the problem of being in the vicinity of something illegal and being linked to it just because you were nearby – guilt by geography.

We should also look again at the reason for standard speed cameras – safety say the Government. We all know they are there as revenue raisers, if safety is the issue why do we need to be fined, why not punish us with Community Service with our points.

And while we’re at it, let’s scrap the Car Tax system. Simply putting a small amount on the price of fuel would be fairer (I’m a high mileage driver by the way) as the more you drive, the more you would pay. We could then get rid of a large part of the DVLA, saving the country more money.

This would also get rid of the highly unfair system whereby your car can be crushed (you’ve seen the advert) if you don’t pay car tax. Unfair because it’s more likely the less well off who can’t afford the Car Tax and their cars’ value will be a higher percentage of their income compared to cars of the better off. They will also probably not be able to afford alternatives such as public transport.

It seems that with transport, as with every other sector, new laws are only brought in if they have the effect of raising money for the Government – and if they manage to restrict our freedoms and widen the gap between rich and poor, that is a bonus.

What an opportunity for the opposition parties… if they take it!


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