Britain’s Got Car Crash TV

Car Crash TV

Car Crash TV

Love it or loathe it, you couldn’t get away from the recent Britain’s Got Talent show.

There were some talented acts including the winners (I guess, we didn’t get to see many) but this really was Car Crash TV.

There was the young girl who performed with her best friend and was then called back to perform on her own, discarding her friendship for the chance of success. The cameras zoomed in on her face as the judges mounted the pressure – the promise was there, you go this alone and you could be the winner. The strain was obvious and she did succumb, only to fall in the semi-finals.

Then we had a 10 year old girl who got so stressed she fluffed her words and broke down crying. She begged for another chance which was granted but not before the cameras managed to catch every sob in close up.

Finally, there has been the spectacle of Susan Boyle. When she first stepped on stage she was openly mocked because of the way she looked, then hailed as the next big thing when amazingly it emerged that singing talent isn’t dependent on celebrity style. As we all know she reached the final only to be pipped at the post – and again the cameras managed to capture every painful moment in close-up.

Without wanting to sound like ‘Angry of Mayfair’ it’s no wonder the country’s in such a state. Newspapers dedicated untold pages to it, radio shows replayed highlights and held phone-ins and it was covered on TV with repeats on various channels and even the news programmes carried reports on it.

And what could be more indicative of  messed up values than having your country’s leader on TV giving his honest opinion on who should have won a Car Crash TV Show but consistently failing to honestly answer the questions that need addressing.


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