Three Handed Government

Chinook In Afghanistan

So the Prime Minister has finally announced more money for equipment to Afghanistan, including Chinook helicopters.

Good news but of course this has to be paid for and we are told it will mean cuts in MOD staff and the closure of RAF bases.

Now I’m not the sort of person who can crunch the big numbers the Government tries to hide, I take a more logical approach and I’m not getting this.

Presumably the extra equipment will have to be ordered,  it will take some time for it to arrive and hopefully we won’t be paying upfront. In the meantime the cuts at the MOD will be almost immediate.

So the Government gets a cash injection and yet again puts a payment off until another day. The cuts will conveniently show up before the next election (the increased spend will also be heralded loudly) but the cost will be passed onto the next Government .

Labour win either way – it could help them win the election but if they don’t the additional cost becomes a Tory problem.

Giving with one hand, taking with the other and a third for a sleight of hand behind the voters backs.


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