Deer Story

OK To Torture & Kill

Just read a report (The Sun, 16/12/09) that two 17 year olds have walked free after kicking and beating a baby deer to death ‘for a laugh’.

I don’t accept the arguement that this was only an animal but what can we expect when, if the same was done to a person, there would be a similar outcome.

Chances are little the buggers will go on to human victims soon but of course we won’t know because at the moment they ‘cannot be named’ – why on earth not? They are old enough to be held accountable for this.

It just seems part of the general lack of respect which is actively encouraged by judges like District Judge Roger House – maybe it’s a way of keeping themselves in a job in these hard times – and of course keeps people out of prison.

But if prevention really is better than cure, surely it would be best to give these two more than just a Community Service slap on the wrist.



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