At Last a Worthwhile Awards Ceremony

The Sun's Millie Award

I’m sitting here watching ‘A Night of Heroes: The Sun Military Awards’ on TV.

It’s the first awards ceremony I’ve had the inclination to watch in ages, I really can’t stand the usual self-congratulatory, back-slapping, arse-licking events.

But the winners here deserve all the praise they get. And every single one of them only accepted the awards on behalf of the rest of their teams with no self gratification at all.

The stories are emotional – that’s real emotion, not air kisses –  the actions are truly heroic – not CGI’d – and the courage is unbelievable.

The roll call of those killed, 99 in the period covered, also highlighted how young our troops are, mainly teens to early 20’s with only a few 40 or over.

The film of the people who line the streets of Wooton Bassett when the bodies of yet more troops are brought back shows how much support the troops have which is amazing when you consider the opposition to the war – or maybe it’s because of that opposition.

But wouldn’t it be nice if just one Government minister could manage to get there.


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