Caring for the Community…Not!

Meredydd Hughes

ITV News have been running a feature on an ASBO family, the Jewells, who are intimidating others in their cul-de-sac, particularly two sisters – one lives on her own and the other is married and lives a few doors away.

Hidden CCTV have filmed attacks on the sisters’ houses and verbal abuse but of course when the reporter asked the ASBO family why, they simply brushed the question off.

So the reporter interviewed the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire,  Meredydd Hughes.  It was a perfect example of the ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude the police take to this kind of crime.

Although the Chief Constable admitted the police had investigated 110 complaints against the ASBO family he wanted to put it into perspective that no one had been murdered, assaulted or robbed. This was just a case of neighbours who had to get on.

Even the reporter seemed shocked and asked if Hughes understood that day after day of abuse would get the sisters down. His reply – ” see my previous answer”.

And that was it.

Surely the idea of an ASBO is that if you break the conditions – in this case not to cause alarm or distress to neighbours – you are then prosecuted.

Apparently not though…it seems you have to be beaten half to death now before the police will do anything… it’s official.


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