Victims Second

Alan Johnson

Following last night’s ITV News item about the ASBO family there was a ‘Tonight’ programme this evening showing yet more families blighted by the problem.

The main victim featured had two young sons, one with Cerebral Palsy and on one occasion, when she had a hire car because her own one had been vandalised, local women laughed at her and took the piss as she tried to get him in it – so it’s not just the the local yobs at fault.

Another victim painted ‘Love your neighbour’ on a boarded up window and guess what happened…she got prosecuted.

During the programme, Alan Johnson, said that all agencies involved should be involved in solving the problem and it shouldn’t be left to neighbours to ‘just get on’.

Maybe he should mention this to the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire,  Meredydd Hughes.

It was interesting that Johnson mentioned the increase in victim support measures – shame he didn’t mention measures to stop us having so many victims in the first place.

And can someone explain why, on the CCTV footage, the faces of the offenders are blurred out – if they are filmed doing it let us see them.


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