Obscenity Law for the Bankers?

Stephen Hester

Whatever way you colour it, £10 Million is an obscene amount for someone to earn.

Stephen Hester is the boss of RBS, which is 84% owned by the taxpayer so I work out we are paying him £8,400,000 of that.

Now if I was smart enough I would be able to work out what interest he can earn on it and then the real value, or how much property he can buy cheaply (now he and his cohorts have driven prices down for the rest of us) which he can sell at a tidy profit.

It’s no good politicians trying to come up with new schemes to stop these leeches earning huge bonuses, they’ll always find a way around them.

We need a Bankers Obscenity Law that says whatever these people earn as a result of our money goes straight back into our pockets (well, to the country at least).  However it’s invested , the profit should come back to us.

There should also be included that none of it can be passed to another member of their family.

And if the banks start to lose money again, it should be recouped through repayment of their personal assets.

Then we might see the greedy bastards do the job properly.



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