They Think It’s All Over… It’s Not!

Recession over?

We’re expecting to hear later today that the recession is over.

What this really means is that bankers and other big earners can start making even more money without borrowing from us – you can bet your life they won’t be paying back what they owe us any quicker though.

And it’ll be over for Tony Blair who’s said to be earning £200,000 from a hedge fund that bet on British banks failing – New Labour, No morals.

But will it be over for Joe Public – will we be able to get jobs back, will the shops instantly open up on our high streets… of course not.

And as the end of the recession is announced, no doubt to great fanfare in the run-up to the election, figures also show that child poverty is higher than ever.

When we  start measuring economic performance based on issues like child poverty maybe we’ll start to get some truth.



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