Families Caught

Children's Society Survey

The Children’s Society have released a report that says, surprise surprise, that it’s not the fact that their parents split up that causes children the most anxiety and upset, it’s the conflict between the parents.

Obviously the best outcome for children is if their parents don’t break up at all but if they do surely it is the duty of society to ensure that the children suffer as little as possible in every way.

Contrast this with how our  system works when parents separate.

Family Courts

First they are both encouraged to use a solicitor whose sole job is to cast doubt on the ability of the other parent and show them in as bad a light as possible because in reality it’s never about what is best for the child, more which parent can gain the most – be that financial or residence/contact.

And of course the longer the solicitors can drag the proceedings out, the more they get paid. And the more times it goes to court, the more the judges get paid. And the nastier it gets, the bigger the legal guns involved (enter the barristers).

Benefit System

One parent (usually the mother) has Residency of the child and irrespective of the amount of time the child spends with the Non-Resident parent, the Resident parent claims all the benefits.

This leads to resentment from the Non-Resident parent who will probably still have to pay to support the child even if they bear the same day to day costs.

The system turns the children into a possession with a value to be fought over and won – and the resulting fighting and animosity will no doubt be picked up by the children.

This is exactly what the Children’s Society report says is worst for children.

So next time you hear someone in Government saying that everything is done in ‘the best interests of the child’ just point them in the direction of the Children’s Society report.


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