You CAN do it if you B&Q it

B and Q

I haven’t been able to blog for a while because I’ve spent most of my non-working hours either at B&Q or DIYing in our bathroom.

This isn’t by choice – I approach DIY with as much enthusiasm as an MP approaches a Freedom of Information request.

But hats off to the staff of B&Q.

It started when Mrs Aaaaargh turned on the basin tap early one morning – all I heard was, well…Aaaaargh! The flexible hose from the water to the tap had split and there was water gushing everywhere. We eventually managed to turn the water off at the mains (really should have known where that tap was but you live and learn) but were left with a waterlogged floor and a plumbing job.

I have absolutely no plumbing know-how and no money so I took the hose to the local B&Q. They were fantastic.

To get the hose replaced I had to remove the basin – which broke the waste. So while the basin was off Mrs Aaaaargh suggested changing the taps. The guys at B&Q talked me through every stage and advised the right bits to buy, including a spanner that reaches up to taps in confined spaces – I didn’t even know one existed. They also helped with replacing the waste pipe which included fitting an extension because the waste unit we already had (not from B&Q) was too short.

Of course once the basin was back, with shiny new taps, the bath taps looked a bit ropey so Mrs Aaaaargh suggested replacing them as well. Again the B&Q staff couldn’t have been more helpful. They even advised on re-routing the waste pipe and stepping it down a size when I accidently broke the existing one.

Finally, one of the joints on a bath tap – the one that was nigh-on impossible to get to of course – developed a leak. The replacement hose was longer than the original which meant cutting a pipe – I started shaking just thinking about it but the guy showed me the device that is used (it was only £3.00) and explained what I needed to do. When I buggered that up I went back and asked another member of B&Q staff who happened to be in the car park and he showed me then and there what I needed to do to make it work.

So from having absolutely no plumbing knowledge, thanks to B&Q,  I’ve refitted a basin with new taps and waste, changed the bathroom taps and waste, fitted a new bath panel and learnt how to cut and join pipes – all for about £100. I probably couldn’t have got a plumber in for a couple of hours for that, let alone the cost of parts.

So apparently the tag line is true – You can do it when you B&Q it.


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One Response to “You CAN do it if you B&Q it”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Always enjoy your blog. Still think you would have made a good politician and honest one too.

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