Mugged by Cameron?

Mugger Cameron

David Cameron’s latest election gimmick is to let us mere mortals buy shares in the banks we bailed out, in the same way that British Gas, BT etc were sold off back in the 80’s.

The difference is we have already paid for the banks once (and will continue to do so which feels like being mugged over 20 odd years). And now the plan is for us to be ‘allowed’ to buy shares in them.

If this announcement is an admission that we all deserve to benefit from the bailed out banks profits why not do the decent thing and give us a share of their profits directly when they are announced….however far in the future that will be – at least it won’t cost us more.

Under this latest wheeze the very people who have been hardest hit by the banking mess will have  to borrow more of their money back from the banks – it’s a double mugging!


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