Deliberate Killing is Murder

Khyra Ishaq

Seven year old Khyra Ishaq died weighing only 2st 9lb.

She died because her mother and step-father starved her (they also starved the other children in the family).

Certainly, Social Services had a role to play but it was these two adults who locked her out of a well stocked kitchen and didn’t feed her properly.

Now the two things we really need to survive are food and water – everyone knows it.

So not giving Khyra the food she needed was the same as killing her with a knife, bullet or blow to the head…so why did her mother only get charged with manslaughter.

Having been abused during her short life, poor little Khyra’s memory has now been abused by our legal system.

If this evil women does ever see the the light of day out of prison, she should be sterilised and banned from ever living or working with children…..

….and her diet should be restricted to the bare minimum she needs to be kept alive.


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