What he could have done is…

We know we’re all now paying for the mistakes of the bankers.

We understand that it will cost everyone for a long time to come.

Raising VAT seems fair on the face of it because it means the better off, who spend more, pay more.

What I would really like to have seen was a taxation system based in part on the occupation people have.

Emergency services, the military and others who do jobs of that nature could have a lower tax rate or be allowed to earn more before tax.

The bankers, local council Chief Execs, publicly paid (by the BBC) celebs etc could have a seperate and much higher tax burden to compensate for the fact that we have to pay for them in the first place.

Professional footballers and ‘celebs’ like Jordan, who perform no useful function in society, would have another rate.

Surely this would bring some fairness back and wouldn’t be too hard to instigate.



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