Classless Society

UK Passport

If you ever need proof that we still live in a class conscious society just apply for a passport.

As part of the application you need a countersignatory to confirm your identity. This person must be  “a professional person or a person of good standing in the community” who has known you for 2 years.

Examples include:

accountant, bank/building society official, barrister, councillor, Justice of the Peace, Member of Parliament, minister of a recognised religion, person with honours, police officer, social worker and solicitor among other worthies.

So to sum up you can’t be vouched for by:

An average 9-5 office worker
A call-centre operator
A care worker
Someone who works for minimum wage
Someone who has worked and contributed to society all their lives then lost their job through no fault of their own

You can be vouched for by:

An MP who has embezzled expenses
A banker who helped ruin the economy
A kiddie-fiddling priest
A religious leader inciting hatred against this country
A barrister who defends violent criminals they know to be guilty
An accountant who helps rich people avoid paying tax
A social worker who fails to protect an at-risk child

I’ve found it hard to find a countersignatory because about a year ago I had to move 200 miles to keep a job so haven’t known anyone long enough and I’m sure more and more people are in the same position.

Aside from the classist overtones, as the Government holds so much information on us all this whole process seems a bit redundant doesn’t it?

And as for having to pay over £77.50 to prove I’m a UK citizen….. don’t even get me started!


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One Response to “Classless Society”

  1. Barbara Says:

    and we thought that under Conservatives life would get easier,less politically correct and us ordinary humans trusted. (never trust M Ps) What a hope.

    It might have done if the Conservatives had been brave and not joined us up to the Liberal party. What a let down.

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