Killer on the Loose

Tracie Andrews

This is Tracie Andrews who killed her fiancee, Lee Harvey, and tried to blame it on a road rage driver.

She is due to be released from her ‘life’ sentence next year having served just 15 years has been seen on a shopping day out to prepare her for this, see HERE.

Aside from the obvious question of since when was 15 years ‘life’, you’ve got to wonder how much we paid for this shopping trip.

She had coffee with a friend and a meal, something a lot of us would like to be able to afford when we’re out. And she’s using a mobile phone … I hope we paid for a contract and didn’t put her on Pay As You Go!

Oh, and if you were there but didn’t recognise her, it might be because she’s had £5,000 of plastic surgery on the NHS ie we paid for it. Was it essential …. well it was if you consider cosmetic surgery to alter your jawline essential.

Maybe that was the first stage of changing her identity when she comes out.


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