H M Right Cockup


Don’t worry if you receive a letter from the Inland Revenue saying you owe them money because they are so incompetent they couldn’t work their own figures out properly.

I contacted them back in May about a refund I was due. They provided me with some information that I put on the form I had to fill in and after a swift reply,  in just 6 weeks, they said they needed more information as they had no record of….. the information they had given me. So I wrote back and told them this.

I contacted them in mid-August and was told I’d receive a call letting me know what was happening.  After hearing nothing I called them at the start of September to be told there was currently a 3 month turnround on replies which was  an improvement as the turnround was 4 months earlier in the year.

So, based on this, if they require more information which I have to reply to, even if they agree with my claim I will have waited 6 or 7 months from application to payment (they only pay interest if it goes on over 12 months), and this is assuming they don’t have any more questions.

I did get a letter today though, telling me they would contact me in due course but with no information – really helpful!

So, going back to my original point, you can be sure that you will have three months to get back to them and then drag it out…… can’t you?



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