Welcome to Britain


Airport Attitude


We recently went on holiday via Heathrow and I have to say the security staff there are the most miserable, surly jobsworths I’ve encountered in ages.

On the way out we went through the usual security checks and just as we got to the metal detectors, the lady asked us to take off our shoes. Mrs Aaaaargh happened to say no one else had been asked to do this and the lady said in her best ‘I’ve got a uniform on I’m better than you’ voice “it’s up to me, I choose who to ask”.  Fair enough but then she turned round to her colleagues at the metal detector and pointed us out.

That was it, we were marked. Mrs Aaaaargh went through without much problem but when it came to me:

I put my bag on the conveyor and started to take off my watch but was told to move on through the detector. It obviously buzzed so I was sent back to get a tray for my metal items. I asked if they wanted my watch, cash and phone but she said cash and watch. The buzzer went again so the guard sighed and sent me back where I was met with another sigh. Isaid I’d asked if they wanted the phone but she said I hadn’t. On the other side, with no buzzing, I was stopped and searched, then padded down with the hand-held metal detector which picked up every rivet in my jeans and each one had to be checked. Then there was a final patting down before I was let through.

The guy then said to his colleague very loudly,  in reply to my sigh and body language, “you’d think they would be grateful we’re here to make them safe”. What I wanted to say was “Yes, I’m glad you do the job but you don’t have to do it with such a bad attitude” but that would no doubt have meant more delay.

Doha airport, where we changed and Colombo airport where we went were totally different. All the staff, including security, passport and baggage couldn’t have been friendlier. You actually felt welcome.

The return trip was the same.  Colombo and Doha fantastic, Heathrow…

The first thing visitors see is the passport control where we experienced our first queues for 10 days. On our row was a woman who looked like being there was too much effort and chewed gum constantly and a man who hardly even bothered to look up. She just said “next” like some sort of auditioner for a circus act and shoved Mrs Aaaaargh’s passport back at her, the guy didn’t even speak, he just waved me over in an irritated manner, shoved the passport back to me and waved the next person on.

Welcome to Britain eh?

I’m sending a link to this blog to BAA , it’ll be interesting to see if they can be bothered to get in touch.


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2 Responses to “Welcome to Britain”

  1. Barbara Says:

    disgusting way to be treated

  2. Barbara Says:

    it’s surprising how wearing a uniform makes some people feel they are little gods and they forget to respect those they should be serving.

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