The Spending Review

George Osborne

I agree “we’re all in this together”, I saw the Chairman of major bank in the supermarket today with a tin of own-brand tomatoes in his hand, wondering if he could stretch to the expensive ones…. like hell!  As usual some of us are more in it than others – deep in it.

The Spending Review was, of course, just the Government telling us how we have to pay for their mistakes. And it wouldn’t have mattered who was in power, the problem is that none of them will admit the truth – the whole system our economy is based on simply doesn’t work.

We’re expected to accept what we’re told ie we are in massive debt. Ok, but if all the countries are in debt there must be one country, or at least an organisation, that is owed a hell of a lot. As it’s our money that is owed I really think we should have it explained to us who we owe it to. And if they can’t do that, why should we pay it?

It certainly seems that increased globalisation and all country’s increased reliability on each other has something to do with it.  After all, if we just told our creditors (whoever they are) to go sing for their money, we could concentrate on ourselves a bit. We could use the money to invest in ourselves that would lead to more businesses starting up which would ease unemployment and make us more prosperous.

In the meantime, as a country we are really pathetic in letting our Government walk all over us. If this was France we would be having riots on the streets, which to be honest would be no bad thing.

As it’s affecting everyone the same, no doubt I’ll be on the barricades next to the Chaiman of that major bank – the only difference would be that my petrol will be in a beer bottle, his would be in a Bollinger one.



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