Fair Weather Friends

David Cameron

Dove of Peace

David Cameron has been speaking to the Kuwaiti Parliament and said it was wrong of Britain to support some repressive regimes …. note he said “some“.

Which of course means there are some repressive regimes we can support, like China and Saudi Arabia for instance.

After all, your principles can only stretch as far as the next trade deal or oil price threat can’t they.

But I must admit, he was first out of the blocks getting into the region with a posse of arms dealers so we can ‘support’ the emerging regimes, who of course won’t be repressive.

Honestly, if we donated doves of peace to the region to celebrate their new found freedom, we’d make sure they had sharpened talons.

And, of course, we can expect to see some serious back-peddling over Libya after our sucking up to Gaddafi in recent years.


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One Response to “Fair Weather Friends”

  1. Barbara Says:

    you can be sure if we do not supply arms America will

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