Good Riddance

Colin Hatch - Child Killer

Child Killer

This is Colin Hatch, the convicted child killer, who was himself  killed in prison today.

I won’t say murdered because that would suggest his life was worth that of a real human being.

The worst thing is that his last victim need not have died at all if Hatch had been dealt with properly before.

He’d started attacking young boys when he was 15 which got him sent to Broadmoor then prison after which he was parolled. While on parole he killed 7 year old Sean Williams which was why he was inside this time.

Personally, I think the judge, lawyers and psychologists who got him parole should at least have been offering up public apologies if not lost their jobs.

As for the prisoner who killed Hatch – give him a packet of fags on me.


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One Response to “Good Riddance”

  1. Barbara Says:

    I agree with what you say. He was a worthless person and o good to anybody.

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