Council Jobsworths

UN Security Council

UN Security Council

The UN Security Council are meeting to talk about how to deal with Gaddafi.

One of the options is an arms embargo – seems a bit late, as I’m sure we’ve already supplied plenty for him to give to his supporters to start a civil war – this would have been more appropriate 30 odd years ago.

Other options are: sanctions – again, this would seem about 30 years late, or a travel ban – who would want to go there anyway (or will they stop Libyans travelling out, which, considering how hard it’s been for Brits to get out shouldn’t be too difficult) except arms dealers who travel with the Prime Minister anyway?

There’s also a possible asset freeze – which begs the question ‘why are dictators allowed to have assets here in the first place?’

We’ve seen before though, how long it takes the Security Council to make a decision – remember Iraq? – so I’m pretty sure nothing will be happening before the civil war starts.

There’s also news today that the RAF has managed to fly out 150 people from the Libyan desert. This is good but  leaves a lot of Brits still in remote desert areas.

Wait a minute though – aren’t these the people who are employed by oil companies and have taken high paid jobs knowing the risks involved. I don’t mean we should just leave them and forget about them but the oil companies should be putting in the resources to get them out (it should be a contractual requirement) – the oil companies that make stupid profits anyway but will make even more when prices rise over the coming months.

Oh, and I nearly forgot the big thing we’re threatening Gaddafi with – an international court …. that’ll put an end to it all, I’m sure he’s quaking in his boots – or is that shaking with laughter.


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One Response to “Council Jobsworths”

  1. Barbara Says:

    and now Cameron seems to be saying we should go in.
    My god do they never learn. It is really not out business or right to interfere in another country

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