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You can tell when the economy is in a bad way by the ad breaks.

On radio, the ad breaks will include ads from the station selling advertising space.

On TV, the breaks are full of trailers for upcoming programs – I recently watched a peak time program and one break had no adverts, just the same trailers run twice.

The ad voted most popular of 2010 was the one feauturing Harvey, the multi-talented dog looking for a home, which was selling TV advertising.

But times are now so tight there’s a new way to sell to us using Product Placement, where companies pay to have their products as part of the program.

When a program will contain Product Placement, the logo above will be displayed for 3 seconds at the start but main targets for this kind of advertising will be programs like the soaps – where some viewers believe whats going on to the extent of sending birthday cards to characters – so the line between program and advert is blurred even more than it already is.

There used to be a rule where no one who was in a program could appear in an ad shown in that program’s break but I’ve noticed recently that this rule seems to have slipped.

Coming soon to a TV near you….. subliminal advertising?


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One Response to “Sellevision”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Personally I think the amount of advertising shown is disgusting.
    Find it an invasion into our entertainment,

    Sometimes it is better top record a really good play/serial and see it later,
    then you can bypass the adverts.

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