Not making Cencus

Census Logo

Census Logo

It’s that time of the decade again and I’ve just been looking at the FAQ’s on the new Census 2011 website HERE.

Q11 is: What will happen if I’m not at home on 27 March 2011?

The answer is to complete it as soon as you can when you get back.

Q20 is: Who should I include?

The answer is anyone who is living or staying in the household on the day.

So if you stay at someone else’s on the 27th you will be included on their form, then when you get back you fill in your form and include yourself – seems to me you could legitimately be on 2 forms by  following these instructions.

But the thing is, how can they tell if we lie – unless they are checking up on us, and surely that wouldn’t happen, eh?

Mind you with the amount of data they already have on us, the whole thing really does seem like a waste of (a lot of) money but at least we can rest assured the data won’t be given to any commercial organisations … oh no, they’ve left the security of our data with the reliable American company who leaked personal details on Barak Obama.



2 Responses to “Not making Cencus”

  1. DaveK Says:

    So, what if you go out before midnight on 26th and spend the whole day out and about, not in anyone’s home? Then you can fill in your own form as “nobody lives here at all” and won’t be counted anywhere……

  2. Barbara Says:

    this census wants to know far too much. Big Brother is watching you.

    You expect certain questions but too personal on this one.

    Next it will be cameras in the home watching you.

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