Punching above his class

John Prescott Boxing

Fighting inequality

John Prescott is appearing in TV adverts for Moneysupermarket and I’ve got to admit having a ‘celebrity’ in an advert can influence my spending – I won’t ever be visiting that particular site.

It’s more than just the fact he’s an arrogant, ignorant champagne socialist and that I think he should have been prosecuted when he punched that guy back in 2001.

What really annoys me is that he has no priciples. He was always against an unelected House of Lords ….. until he got his peerage (Why?) and now he’s claiming £800 a day in expenses.

He’s also written a book and is earning big bucks from that. I’ve long said that when someone has served in public office, any money they receive as a result of that public investment ie books, public speaking etc, should be given back to the public. And I don’t mean the tax they pay (which is no doubt mainly avoided), I mean the whole lot.

After all, if we’re asking students to pay back loans, shouldn’t we expect the same from our public servants?


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One Response to “Punching above his class”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Personally I cannot stand John Prescott. He’s typical of most ex and new labour MPs. Says one thing and changes his mind when it suits his pocket and image.

    Mind you it isn’t only labour MPs that are “hypocrites” as the same can also be said for conservaties, liberals.

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