Unemployment Prediction



We all know the economy is in meltdown, so here are some predictions for what we will see in the future with regard to jobs.

The much heralded Enterprise Zones will start to offer ‘flexibility’ with regard to employment law. Maybe a lifting, initially temporary, of the Minimum Wage. We’ll probably also see temporary accommodation for workers near large employment centres – after all it worked for China.

Another area the Government will have to address will be the unemployment figures which would no doubt increase drastically …. unless!

Hmm, lets think … we know how Labour hid the unemployment figures by getting people on benefit but the ConDems are cutting benefit, so how will they handle that. With more apprenticeships, part-time and temporary jobs of course.  After all, if you can get 2 people sharing what would have been one job, not only do you reduce their rights but they are technically employed.

They will also create a new category for the unemployed who won’t take one of the low paid jobs they are offered at the Job Centre – a category who won’t show in the unemployment figures.

We’ve already seen how we’ll be recruiting hundreds of volunteers for The Olympics – whatever happened to all the jobs that was going to create?


One Response to “Unemployment Prediction”

  1. Barbara Says:

    It would be a calamity if the minimum wage was lost. Can you imagine
    what would happen. Take it or leave it from many employers.
    It would take us back to when I was a child and my Father fought for a good livable wage and conditions of work.

    unemployed should have the chance of 2 job turn-downs and then should have to take one of them or the third one. Their money should then be made up by the Government to what they would get on employment and as a livable wage.

    Also we we would have less immigrants taking our jobs.

    No doubt you will not agree with my remarks.

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