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If the Government are really serious about helping small businesses they should be giving them a level playing field against the big corporates – it won’t happen of course because they might lose their lucrative ‘consultancy’ roles and it could shut that Government/corporate revolving door.

What we need though, is simplicity and transparency – real transparency, not the kind of slightly blurred transparency we are used to from politicians.

Simplicity would mean pricing products individually without promotions like ‘buy one get one half price’ or ‘buy 2 get one free’ – you know the sort of thing, it encourages you to buy stuff you don’t actually need  and because you’re there you buy the rest of your shopping but small businesses without massive buying power can’t compete.

Bundled promotions are also bad – you know the sort of thing, broadband £5.00, Phone £11.00, both together £13.50 – it looks good but is only a way of tying customers into contracts. They should just have to offer a product for a fixed price, so phone + broadband = £18.50.

There should be an end to supposed  ‘sale’ prices – we know when the sofa was £2000 and is now £999 that the £2000 was a legal loophole price – show an item and show it’s price …. simples!

Transparency would be where you don’t have cross-promotion – buying stuff is just too complicated when you get vouchers for this and that or cheap deals with so and so. The offers don’t allow for a like for like comparison and always have catches and are difficult to take advantage of.

Another aspect would be where stores like Tesco promote other products instore – like broadband or insurance – which gives them an unfair advantage over competitors.

I’d also like to see an end to ‘loyalty’ cards  because aside from the fact they hold too much data on you for their own use, it’s something smaller companies can’t offer.

There probably is plenty of business around, we just need to work to let everyone get a share, not just the giants.


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