Lack of Prince-iples

Price Andrew

Price Andrew

There’s been a lot of criticism of Prince Andrew recently and I just thought I’d add my two-penneth.

First, I’m sick of people telling us that he is a volunteer who is working for us out of the goodness of his heart. Technically, I suppose he’s not paid for his little jaunts but he does choose to travel everywhere first class and did receive £3 million over the value for a property he sold – he could have given that back to us.

As to whether he is a good ambassador for the country, that comes down to more than just income over expense.

His judgement has certainly come into question recently but with regard to his frienship with a convicted paedophile, I don’t see it as bad judgement, it’s just a total lack of morality and principle. How many of us would want to associate with someone like that?

Is this really the sort of person we want to be representing us?

As for the  photo of him with his arm round the waist of a 17 year old…well, to be honest, I’m sure most people who meet him ask for a photo and that in itself looked innocent enough – it’s a shame the media chose to make it look like something else.



One Response to “Lack of Prince-iples”

  1. Barbara Says:

    not quite in agreement with you. Yes he does get too much in expenses.

    he does though bring a lot of contracts to firms in this country, making quite a lot of money for us. Admittedly you and myself do not benefit.

    I believe it is quite possible when he first became friends with this horrible man, he had no idea what he was like.

    Obviously the girl he had his am around knew what she was doing.

    Also lastly I am fed up with the contact media attention Andrew gets.

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