No Fly Zone

No Fly Zone Commences

No Fly Zone Commences

As I predicted HERE, the UN Security Council managed to take much too long in deciding to go ahead with the No Fly Zone over Libya – if this had started 3 weeks ago, or even 2 weeks ago, Gaddafi wouldn’t have been able to re-take areas of the country.

It would also have meant that his army would have been more in the open and easier to target.

The No Fly Zone is needed without a doubt but I am disappointed with the coverage in some of the papers. Take the News Of The World headline for instance – ‘Blown To Brits’.

A clever play on words  but what seems to be forgotten is, even without any collateral damage (dead civilians to you and me) … so far, there are people over there who just want to get on with their lives and are terrified in a war zone with high powered weapons raining down among them.

Like us they will have children, extended families and friends they care for and lets be honest, although you have Gaddafi supporters on one side and rebels on the other, your average Libyan probably just wants to get along without the hassle.

I hope this all goes to plan but I am worried that we might get caught up in another long, drawn out conflict – it’s doubtful though because I don’t think we can afford it.

Best moment of the footage on TV has to be the image of vehicles scattered around a road with rebels waving guns and explosions going off in the distance while a chicken just pecks about on the road … maybe it realised it was in a No Fly Zone.


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