UK Secret Courts

Secret UK Courts

Secret UK Courts

Excellent article on the Anna Raccoon blog about Hyper-Injunctions.

What are they? Well, we’ve all heard of Super Injunctions where the rich and famous can use their influence to prevent information being made public …. Hyper Injunctions are worse – they enable local authorities and the legal profession to forbid someone from saying something has even been prevented from being made public.

John Hemming MP, brought this to light at a House of Commons back bench enquiry – you can see the full Hansard transcript HERE and it’s worth wading your way through it to see just how secretive our justice system can be.

The main thrust of his complaint is that constituents are prevented from even speaking to their MP’s under threat that their situation could be made worse.

And the examples given are really shocking – it basically means that the courts are overruling Parliament .. and the Law itself.



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