You are a Terrorist!

Batman and Robin ... are they terrorists?


In the wake of violence at the weekend march against the cuts, Home Secretary Theresa May is looking at giving the police additional powers for the royal wedding.

These will include being able to remove masks and balaclavas and to use stop and search powers under Anti-Terrorism laws.

Hold on …. Anti-Terrorism! I think we need to define what a terrorist is here. My idea of a terrorist is someone who blows things up and tries to kill people. OK, the protests were violent against property but I didn’t see any attempts to murder large numbers of people.

If these powers are brought in just for the royal wedding, surely she is saying it’s ok for terrorists to target the rest of us but not the royals …. but of course the powers won’t only be for the wedding – once in place they will be used to stop and search anyone at anytime which is basically saying we are all suspected of terrorism as a default position.

I can understand wanting to remove masks (although I can’t see the masked protesters concerned simply saying ‘OK officer’ when they are asked to remove them) but using anti-terror laws when there is no suspicion of terrorism is a step too far.

[Just a thought – will this apply to anyone wearing a burka?]

Regarding the recent protests, you really can’t blame people for targeting banks and tax-dodgers. The banks got us into this mess and seem happy to goad us with their bonuses and behaviour still –  tax-dodgers like Sir Philip Green are depriving us of much needed national income while they make massive personal profits (see the UK Uncut website).

In fact if enough ‘ordinary’ people got off their backsides to protest at the banks and tax-dodgers, not only would the Government have to take stock but the violent protesters would be lost in the numbers.

You don’t have to smash windows either, the UK Uncut website has a range of banners – print some off and leave them lying around next time you go to your bank or into Boots or Top Shop.


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