Drinks on ‘The House’?

Parliamentary Winos

We heard last week that the Government has decided not to scrap it’s wine cellar containing about £2m worth of wines and spirits.

The justification is that it will be more cost-effective to use it than to keep ordering in when needed and anyway, they will be selling off some of the stock so it will be self financing.

Actually, what would be most cost-effective would be for the Government to do what the rest of us are having to do – sell off anything valuable and cut back.

This could be a great opportunity to prove we really are “all in this together” and to not only display a “new form of Government” to the public but to lead the world.

They simply need to say to other countries, ‘look, our people are suffering from the economic downturn and to show some solidarity we’ve decided not to ply dignitaries and their hangers-on with lavish meals and expensive drinks’.

People throughout the world would respect a Government that showed that kind of honesty and it might even shame other countries into following suit.

Hold on, honest Government, isn’t that one of those oxymorons?



One Response to “Drinks on ‘The House’?”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Your must be living in a dream world. Every MP will probably be given bottles to take home.

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