P for Parking Rip-Off Pt 2 – Justice!

Parking Sign

P for Payday.

Following on from my original post we got some good news today.

Mrs Aaaaargh appealed the Council’s decision and the Adjudacator has found in her favour.

The council now has to repay the original fine.

All well and good but this does confirm that she was wrongly found guilty without trial by a council who have had her money in their bank for 2 months – it’ll be interesting to see how quickly that gets repaid.

It also begs the question of how much this has cost the council for the sake of 10 pence – I feel a Freedom of Information request coming on.

What it does prove though, is it is worth taking the time to challenge decisions councils make.


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One Response to “P for Parking Rip-Off Pt 2 – Justice!”

  1. Barbara Says:

    so glad Mrs Aaaargh won her case. Councils are becoming “big brothers
    and seem to forget we “little people” pay their wages.

    I sometimes think there is a department where someone is paid to sit and think “what can I do to get more more out of people today”.

    But having said that I think ordinary council workers mostly try to do a good job.

    On the other hand a uniform does seem to affect the mentality of some people.

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