We’re Pretty Vacant… and We Don’t Care

Southern Cross Healthcare

Southern Cross

When they sang that all those years ago, the Sex Pistols were voicing the feelings of a generation towards society – now, ironically, they are the feelings of society toward a generation, albeit a different one.

The two major stories recently about treatment of Special Needs residents at a so called Care Home and the financial problems of Southern Cross, one of the major providers of Care for the elderly have shocked us even if we are not surprised.

The underlying problem of course is that as a society we see everything in terms of profit. So while footballers and celebrities earn obscene amounts of money for doing basically bugger all, the people who do the less glamorous but much more important jobs, like caring for the elderly and those needing help, are paid minimum wage but given maximum responsibility.

But that doesn’t excuse the behaviour uncovered in the Panorama documentary and the people who carried out the abuse should have the same punishment meted out to them in public view as they forced on their victims.

Wouldn’t it make more sense for Care Homes to be run on a Not-for-profit basis? Running costs would probably be reduced because not-for-profits are naturally more careful with money than businesses (no expense accounts) and the dividends which would have been paid to shareholders could go towards paying staff a reasonable wage.

Until the politicians separate Care and Profit, the Sex Pistols will seem surprisingly prophetic – we’ll stare vacantly at the news on our TV screens … but we (as a society) won’t Care.


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2 Responses to “We’re Pretty Vacant… and We Don’t Care”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Not for profit would be a brilliant idea.

    Also the Government should not allow Councils to make elderly people sell their homes to live in residential homes. It is very worrying when you
    have gone without many things to think this could happen to you. We want our children to benefit, and were always under the impression this would be the case, especially when you have gone without so many things to own a property. Also why should people who own houses have to subsidise those who do not.

  2. All About Elder Care Says:

    When big business cares more about quantity than quality someone always suffers and in this case it is the elderly.Thank you for bringing this to light with your post.I hope that one day abuse of this kind will be erraticated and the elderly will be treated with the respect and compassion they deserve.

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