Fuel Bill-derberg

Risng prices

Risng prices

Scottish Power have announced that they are raising their prices by 19% so we can expect the same from other providers.

At the same time a report shows that the elderly are cutting back on food spending to pay energy bills… they’ll have to cut back even more then!

And there are reports that basic food prices on the world market will be increasing which means our food prices will also go up.

Now if for one minute I thought that a rise in food prices meant that producers in poorer countries were being helped I could kind of understand that side of things, the problem is the only people to benefit will be large investors, futures traders and multinationals who spread their investments – the very people who got the world economy into the state it’s in now.

The fact is that fund managers, investors and the like are profiting on the suffering of everyone including foreign producers and British consumers…..

…meanwhile, the Bilderberg Group are soon to meet in Switzerland to discuss the future of the world – that’ll be a future where they get richer and everyone else suffers more.



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2 Responses to “Fuel Bill-derberg”

  1. We Are The 99 Percent « Says:

    […] theories about aliens but failed to address the underlying message of control by corporates and the Bilderberg Group that includes heads of those corporates and high ranking […]

  2. Barbara Says:

    Oh dear. Help food producers in other countries by raising prices of course it won’t.

    Actually in truth I am more concerned with my bills going up being one of the older generation.

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