Do as I say.

Rowan Williams

Rowan Williams

I guess Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, hasn’t heard the expression ‘people in glass house shouldn’t throw stones’.

He’s in the papers today saying that no one voted for the coalition’s policies – and to be fair he’s right, we didn’t.

But who voted for him – only a small Church of England clique, and they weren’t given power by any public vote I’ve ever heard of.

He’s entitled to an opinion as an individual but he is in a position of power only gained historically and through tradition.

I don’t know the figures but I doubt if half the country practice the faith so I can’t see why he has the right to speak on our behalf – frankly I can’t understand why religions still have a place in the House of Lords but that’s a different matter.

I might have a bit more respect for his opinions if the Church was using some of it’s immense money to help people through these tough times – maybe then they would be in a position to preach to us in public.


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